I have maintained my career as a Consumer Goods and Lifestyle Product Photographer for such leading companies and agencies as Burlington Coat Factory, GSI, eBay Enterprise, Industrial Color, Lasko, Jet and QVC. My work has given me a great appreciation for the art of selling product with single image story-telling.

     I began my career as a Freelance Photographer while I served as a Reconnaissance Scout in the US Army. The Army gave me valuable opportunities to lead, support and influence teams. My leadership style is leading by example and providing support via group demonstrations by encouraging others to teach their expertise. I trust and respect my team and never micro-manage. I earned the rank of Sergeant in 2001.

     I am the director of Romano Rentals where we have maintained affordable housing since creation in 2005. This is a unique leadership challenge since most of our customers struggle with affording life’s expenses and each require unique solutions. I have operated 3 rooms at a time, managing 21 tenancies in 15 years. Our goals have remained consistent - run a successful business by providing the needs of housing to support the success of the most vulnerable.

     I am a motivated leader who values teamwork. I’m accustomed to fast-paced, deadline driven environments, quick with changing priorities, delegating tasks, and making sound decisions. I’m a creative thinker and a considerate professional with humility and patience to learn and share knowledge.

     I take pride in maintaining consistently high image quality and quantity competitive to the expectations of the consumer goods industry. I’ve maintained records of my shot metrics for 10 years and I’ve shared this data by consulting QVC to help develop their studio metrics schedule for all teams implemented as recently as June 2020. Metrics have helped the employee realize their time vs effort quotient while leaders are afforded schedule and budgetary insight.

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